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Exoto 1964 Corvette Grand Sport Sebring #3 - 1:18
Exoto 1964 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe #3 Sebring - 1:18
Our Price: 849.95

New in the box amazingly accurate Exoto replica of the 1964 Grand Sport Chevrolet Corvette ... Sebring racer #3 with drivers Delmo Johnson and David Morgan  ... Designed in Grand 1:18 scale.
Exoto 1963 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe #65 Nassau Speed Week - 1:18
Exoto 1963 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe #65 Nassau Speed Week - 1:18
Our Price: 469.95

This is an amazingly accurate Exoto replica of the 1963 Grand Sport Coupe #65: as raced at Nassau Speed Week by Jim Hall, Augie Pabst, and John Cannon.
Exoto 1966 Corvette Grand Sport Roadster - Wintersteen #12 - Watkins Glen 1:18
Exoto 1966 Corvette Grand Sport Roadster #12 Watkins Glen - 1:18
Our Price: 298.95

This is an amazingly accurate Exoto replica of the 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Roadster #12: as raced at Watkins Glen by George Wintersteen.
1:6 Scale 427 C.I. Chevy Big Block L89 Tri-Power Engine
1:6 Scale 427 C.I. Chevy Big Block L89 Tri-Power Engine
Our Price: 35.99

This is a highly detailed 1/6 scale die cast metal replica of the Chevy Big Block L89 Tri-Power Engine.
C4 1996 Corvette 1/24 Convertible Grand Sport Die Cast
C4 1996 Corvette 1/24 Convertible Grand Sport Die Cast
Our Price: 24.99

The Grand Sport option (RPO Z16) included the LT4 engine, special Admiral Blue paint with Arctic White racing stripe down the center of the car and two red hashmarks over the left front fender commemorating the 1963 Grand Sport Corvettes.
1966-1967 Sting Ray Emblem Ornament
1966-1967 Sting Ray Emblem Ornament
Our Price: 19.99

This ornament is hand finished and machine cut from 18 gauge stainless steel. Made proudly in the USA, just like the Corvette.

GMP Diecast Collectibles - Designing and crafting a GMP Limited Edition Replica Diecast is truly a labor of love, from original concept, to final production, to delivery to your door. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to researching and understanding the history and original and correct specifications for the replicas that we build. And we are passionately committed to taking the time to design and engineer precision detail into every single part that goes into building a GMP Diecast car. George S. Bojaciuk is a GMP consultant and noted authority in the diecast model industry. Read George's story on The Art of Making a GMP Limited Edition Replica. Then you'll really appreciate why GMP promises superb quality and absolute satisfaction with every car we build!

Exoto Diecast - Exoto was incorporated in the state of California in 1986. The corporate name is a simplified abbreviation for "EXclusive AUTOmobiles".

Ever since its inception, the corporate objective has followed what is now a 40 year Keusseyan family tradition in the vast automotive field; offer the best or nothing. Initially, the product line included custom fit, soft auto accessory items such as car covers and floor mats. These were successfully marketed nationwide under the brand name: Exoto's Coverup. Over a decade ago, the company turned its attention and efforts towards the miniature automotive collector market and in a few short years, Exoto Inc. had the largest selection and most distinguished line of diecast, automotive collectibles, memorabilia, and related art form. Today, Exoto continues to thrive, internationally, in its field with multiple-brand marketing and is preparing to expand its offerings into the luxury lifestyle segment. From catalog and point-of-sale retailer, to distributor and wholesaler, to manufacturer; the objective never changed and the dream goes on.

Corvette Grand Sport - One of the true legends of motorsports, in late 1962, the Corvette Grand Sport was born to race and go head to head with the Shelby Cobra.  Even though production of over 100 was planned, only 5 Corvette Grand Sports were actually built.  The Corvette Grand Sport was very successful during it's time on the track with many class wins.  Today, all 5 Grand Sports still exist and are brought into public view only a few times each year.  However, thanks to the folks at Exoto, you can enjoy your very own Corvette Grand Sport diecast race car.  These highly detailed and accurate miniatures are highly sought after are have already begun to appreciate making them a great investment.  Please be sure to checkout our large inventory of Exoto diecasts.

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